Maternity Mondays: 26 Weeks

The Highlights:

How Far Along: 26 weeks and 3 days.

Size of Baby: A head of Lettuce

Total Weight Gain / Loss: +15 pounds at my last doctor's appointment.

What I am wearing: In the picture below, I am wearing C9 "gear" (otherwise known as faux lululemon attire) from Target.  Neither are maternity.

Movement: Movement is getting more and more consistent and I think he had the hiccups this morning.

Sleep: Great since receiving my cortisone shot and since Logan has decided to return to waking up at 7 rather than 6 - wahoo!

What I miss: Feeling good - not missing much.

Cravings: Nothing notable.

Symptoms: Some lower back pain and mild heartburn but, I really can't complain overall.

Best moments this week: This weekend was full of festivities including Thanksgiving, spending time with family, working on the house and Chris and I's ten-year reunion (did you know we went to the same high school?!)  I also put up our Christmas decor and addressed our Christmas cards.  I feel ahead of the game this year and am looking forward to sharing the season with Logan.

*Bonus* LMK Happenings: Still potty training.  Still hate it.  But progress is being made.  While I am not yet confident that we can go out with her staying dry the whole time (or telling me when she has to go), she is doing pretty well at home.  She usually goes around the house with nothing on but it helps her realize when she has to go / is already going.  I can usually rush her to the potty in time for her to "finish" in which she gets a reward. I think she has moved past going and not saying anything to alert me (and me finding a random puddle somewhere) which I will take as a step in the right direction.  She does wear pull-ups for naps and bedtime which I am fine with.  My biggest struggle is deciding what to do when we go out.  I feel as though I have three options:

1) Go out in a pull-up for ease and peace of mind (for me).  I admit to having done this several times this past weekend.

2) Go out in just underwear and most certainly have an accident or two (who knows where and when) and have to worry about clean up, car smell, etc. etc.

3) Not go out.

When I tackled this the first time around, the few times we ventured out, it was without diapers or pull ups as the three-day method instructs.  But each and every time we had numerous accidents (despite asking her numerous times if she had to go and bringing her to every public toilet to "try").  One of the incidents ended with a puddle in the middle of Target, sopping wet clothes and a cart full of groceries that we had to leave in the middle of the aisle.

I would love to know what others have done with this scenario??  Also how you deal with public potties as they scare the bageezes (technical term) out of Logan when they flush on their own.

26 Week Photos:

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Jeff and Emily said...

I am loving the pull ups myself. I was trying the whole 3 day method and all her suggestions but now I'm like okay lady, that may work for you but it ain't working in this house. So I'm doing pull ups at night now and I go back and forth with her wearing them for errands. She isn't afraid of the toilet flushing so I think I lucked out with that. Could you somehow stop it from flushing until she's out of the stall? You look adorable!