L & W's Shared Room: First Edition

Now that the kid's (It should be mentioned that typing the word "kids" (plural) in reference to my own is slightly terrifying.) bedroom is nearing completion and the fact that Friday marked my 35th week of pregnancy, I thought it was about time to get this show on the road.

After all, having an excuse to do some redecorating and share the results is always a highlight!

A few things before we start:

- Although Pinterest continuously temps me to plunge into unchartered (and break banking) waters, I was instructed that I had to keep my floaties on for this round of room renovations.  Roundabout point being: I was on a budget.

- I have changed my mind more often than a pregnant girl has to pee about this room.  For some of my inspiration, check out a few of my pinned images for boy/girl rooms.

- Lastly, do I love the room?  Yes.  Do I think it's the perfect room?  No.  I certainly don't want to come across as an interior-designer-wannabe-know-it-all over here.  Just in case, you know, that's what you were thinking.

Annnywaaays, moving right along, here is the first stop on our tour.

Cha Cha Changes...You may recall my first attempt at, er, changing the changing table for the nursery.

To jog your memory here is the original changing table/dresser pre-pregnancy.  I purchased this off of Craigslist when I was expecting Logan and loved it!  This time around, I envisioned it in a nice shade of gray (not to be confused with Fifty Shades of Grey which would be inapropriate for a nursery) and set out on a mission with Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint.

My experience with this type of paint was just okay and while I tried my darndest to be happy with the end result, I wasn't.  I'm not sure if it was the peeling paint effect or the the fact that it dried more blue than gray or how I couldn't quite get the finish I desired, but regardless, if Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy and it was time for a re-do.

Let's just pretend that the $50 worth of milk paint doesn't count towards my room re-haul budget, mmmkay honey?!

With some proper Bher primer/paint in one, I got to work.

Oddly, I enjoy painting.  So while it may seem cruel that I am the one on my hands and knees with some sort of influenza mask rather than Chris, I really didn't mind.  Promise.

A few coats of 'Creek Bend', some smaller nobs and a his/hers changing station make the dresser complete:

Changing pad cover.  Spoiler alert: this is also Baby Boy's crib bedding pattern.  Aqua Diamond Print from Land of Nod.
Teensy baby boy clothes. 

His / Hers diaper caddies.  Because, sadly, she still uses them, sigh.
Much better, yes?

Next up: The gallery wall.

I love me some gallery walls and really wanted one somewhere in the room.  I had fun finding the "artwork" for the frames (which were all purchased for less than $25 at Ikea).  In addition, I found some awesome letters early on at an antique store that I knew I had to have.  They are in all sense of the word 'rustic' and I did my fair share of cleaning actual rust off of them before they made their way onto the wall.  I have considered painting them, but kind of like their distress.  Thoughts?!

Octopus wrapping paper.
'Love You More' letterpress card via Paper Source.
'I Can Count to Ten' digital print purchased locally from January Jones Prints.

(2) 2013 Acorrdian Calendars via Paper Source.
'Home' digital print purchased locally from January Jones Prints.
'One Piece Won't Hurt' letterpress birthday card purchased by Hammerpress.

And, for fun, who doesn't love a good overall 'before' shot (pre-LMK):

And after:


It's definitely the most gender neutral space of the room as you will see moving forward.  

The room is very oddly shaped and one of the only ways to make it work was to have an obvious division between 'His' and 'Hers' corners of the rooms.  I knew that I wanted to differentiate between the two rather than keeping the entire thing gender neutral which worked out well with the whole budget thing given the fact that Logan's space was already pretty girly.  But more on that next time!

Happy Sunday!

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leslie said...

Love it!!!! Looks awesome, great paint choice!

I, too, still have the dreaded dual diaper caddie. Seriously might just have to potty train them both at the same time in two years:)