Sleep On It

My doctor kicked me into high gear today when she told me I was measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule.  

Of course she also mentioned that this is completely normal and that it all usually shakes out in the end (some weeks your behind, some weeks your ahead), but nevertheless, hearing her say, "You sure are measuring farther along than 33 weeks; looks like 35 weeks to me..." was enough to send me into panic mode.

Exhibit A) 

I completed my very lengthy 'To Do List Before Baby' which already has several additions from when I took this photo:

About halfway down the list, you will see "Purchase kid's bedding".

It's something that I have been putting off for...well...33 (35?) weeks now.  For some reason, the combination of having a toddler girl and a baby boy in one room is harder to coordinate than I imagined.  Chris has made fun of me more than once for scouring the internet late into the night for crib bedding options.  And I can't say that I blame him.

I mean, it's a couple of crib sheets for crying out loud (hah - pun)!

Needless to say, with baby making his appearance one of these days soon, I am ready to order the darn bedding already and move on with my life - and if I can help it, avoid rush delivery charges.

While I think I have made my final decision, I'm always up for a good vote.  Any favorite patterns or combos?  


Jessica said...

Lots of cute choices Tiff! I love the sunny yellow and blue trefoil patterns.

Jeff and Emily said...

Oh man I can honestly say I love them all! I think whatever you decide on it will look great :)

Brandee said...

I'm a sucker for chevron!

Brandee said...

You could always do a neutral chevron - a gray or green or something - and then change it out with accessories however you see fit to grow with the kiddos!