Maternity Mondays: 39 Weeks

The Highlights:

How Far Along: 39 weeks, 3 days and still here.

I have to tell you, I have been dreading writing this post.

I truly hoped (and even believed) that baby would have come by now.  As my c-section day approaches, I am feeling less and less confident about my chances for a vbac and am discouraged.  Chris called today at lunch, like he always does, to check in on me and tears were shed.  Quite frankly, I'm over it.  Physically and emotionally, I am ready to have this little guy despite feeling relatively good this far along in the game.  I went to bed last night and was dreading meal planning this week, doing laundry today, keeping Logan occupied and entertained while feeling sluggish myself, having to actually make an effort in my appearance while being puffier than a puffer fish, going into work on Thursday, etc. etc.

The worst part is, I know better.  I know that I am not even 40 weeks yet.  I know that a baby is harder on the outside than on the inside.  I know that I should be resting and enjoying these last few days with Logan solo.  I know that our routine is about to be shaken inside out.  I know that I should be thankful that I have had such a healthy and uneventful pregnancy.  Trust me, I know.  But it still doesn't make these days go by any faster nor does it help my overall outlook...

Size of Baby: A Watermelon

Total Weight Gain / Loss:  +26 pounds.  That's right, 5 pounds in one week.  I think it has something to do with making (and devouring) two batches of these pretzels that I have seen floating around several blog sites.  Holy yum.  They are worth those five pounds, let me tell you!!

What I am wearing: I am hating getting dressed each day and am dying to kick my maternity clothes to the curb.  Yesterday, I spent all day in my "yoga" pants and an oversized t-shirt.  Today, I managed to put on a Gap Maternity sweater with some black full panel maternity pants (also from Gap) for story time and our run to Target, but you better believe I am back in comfy-wear for the remainder of the day.

Movement: W seems to be slowing down in there, but the movement he is making is forceful and sharp.

Sleep: Not so much.

What I miss: Nothing in particular.  Just everything :)

Cravings: Still loving Root Beer.  Cold.  On crushed ice.

Symptoms: Honestly, not enough of anything to keep me hopeful.  A few braxton hicks, some cramping, a sore back.  But no "textbook" signs of labor drawing near.  I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and am debating on whether to get checked.  Part of me wants to know if there is anything happening, while the other part of me can't bare to hear the news if it's "Nope. Nothing".  Or, "Thick and closed".  It will be a game time decision tomorrow at the office.

Best moments this week: Despite my complaining, we did have a great week.  We tried another new restaurant on Friday with some friends, Punch Bowl Social and enjoyed the snowy weekend, relaxing and playing outside in the winter wonderland.  I have been getting several things done around the house and have even managed to stockpile a couple of meals for when baby decides to come.  I love opening my freezer to home cooked meals!

*Bonus* LMK Happenings: I think she is as ready as all of us to get this show on the road.  She keeps looking at my belly and asking, "Is baby brother still in there?"  Um...that would be a yes.  Very much so.  I am so looking forward to her meeting him and can't wait to see her reactions and hear her comments.  She has been such a hoot lately, I can only imagine the things she will come up with :)

39 Week Photos:  

Okay, I am off to stalk blogs about people going into labor with no previous signs, do some lunges and pelvic rocks around the house, bounce on the exercise ball while drinking Red Raspberry Leaf Tea and pick out baby's going home outfit for the millionth time.

Hopefully, you won't be hearing from me at this time next week ;)

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Amanda said...

Aww, Tiff! I was thinking about you all last week while we were in the mountains, hoping that I'd get a 'in labor' text! And, when Logan meets W, record it- I can't wait to hear her funny commentary!