Bare with me as I play around with my 'Blogger' template and settings.  I could not figure out why it would never let me upload larger photos, but apparently my layout was cutting them off.  Anyways...stick around even though it may undergo some more changes.  Tech savvy I am not!

Not much is sweeter than a couple of cute kids in a candy store.  Today, Kara and I took the wee ones to Hammond's Candy Factory here in Denver.  It was a great indoor activity for the kids and a free one at that.  Not to mention, samples, samples, samples - yum!

Despite being 39 weeks pregnant, I was more than happy to meet up for a play date today in order to pass the time.  And to answer a very frequently asked question, "Nope.  Nothing happening yet.  Nada.  Zero.  Zilch."  Besides the return of a pesky head cold and being annoyingly congested, I'm afraid that I  am feeling too good to be going into labor any time soon - which is a bummer given the fact that it's my doctor's on call weekend at the hospital.

Here's to wishing, hoping, thinking and praying right?!  Maybe watching 'My Best Friends Wedding' will be next on my agenda :)

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Kara said...

We had so much fun today. Thanks! Love the movie reference. The song will be in my head all weekend now..."I'll say a little prayer for you!"