Push Present

When asked if I received a push present with Logan, I reply: "Why yes I did!  I received a small Pinkberry with toppings".

One may think my labor warranted at least a medium, but the truth of the matter is that I'm pretty sure Chris had never even heard the term "push present" before and the poor guy thought he was going above and beyond while running out one afternoon.

I have to say, it was an amazing alternative to hospital food and after almost three days of nothing to eat, tasted delightful.  Plus I certainly wasn't going to pull out any whining or wishing at that point.  I would save it for late night feedings and nights out with the girls instead, ha.

Not to mention the fact that I even think it's kind of a silly phrase / concept.  After all, what are us c-section gals supposed to get?  A "surgery surprise" perhaps?

Anyways, point being, no.  I didn't really get a push present with Logan, and honestly, I was fine with it.  And I have similar feelings this time around.  No need for a push present - that's silly!  I'm mature like that.


If, let's say, I needed a new diaper bag, a "push present" sounded like the perfect reason to have Chris purchase such a gift for me.  So before placing my order, I reminded him of the term and that if he, you know, wanted to get me something, this would be awesome.  And it totally worked!

Today, I received my new glazed (perfect for wiping down) Breakfast in Berkshire Petunia Pickle Bottom Satchel after much online searching for the perfect 2-kid tote.  I am super excited to fill er' up with W's items for the hospital and strap it to my back.  Or maybe, I will carry it as a tote.  Who knows, the possibilities are endless, really...

Thanks babe - you really outdid yourself :)


Jessica said...

Beautiful! I admit I have a slight PPB addiction. I fully intend to use my bags long after I need them for diapers,.

Jeff and Emily said...

LOVE it!!!