Maternity Mondays: 37 Weeks

The Highlights:

How Far Along: 37 weeks and 3 days - Full Term!!

Size of Baby: A Winter Melon

Total Weight Gain / Loss:  +20.4 pounds

What I am wearing: At this moment?  Pajamas.  And I've been in them since 3:30 this afternoon.  Don't judge.

Movement: Yep, lots.

Sleep: Getting more and more difficult each night.  Plus, I have an internal alarm clock that is going off every morning at 4:00am in which my body thinks it's time to be up for the day.

What I miss: Same as last week plus comfortable sleep.

Cravings: Eating just about anything and everything at this point, but no real cravings.

Symptoms: As my due date drawers near, I have been experiencing an extreme amount of pressure in my nether regions, making having to pee at an all time high.  I also have a pair of little feet stuck in my ribs as I type this.  The most comfortable position for me right now is the "pelvic drop" exercise in which I am on all fours and let my belly hang loose.  Unfortunately, the position is practical for all of 30 seconds.  And heartburn.  Oh, the heartburn...it's pretty awful these days.

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow in which we will receive an ultrasound to check on my fluid levels (the reason I was induced the first time).  While I am excited for the opportunity to see our little man one more time pre-birth, I am a bit nervous at what the ultrasound will show.  If I have low fluids again, or some other cause for concern, it will be time for an automatic c-section as my doctor won't induce this time around nor will I have the chance to labor with anything out of the ordinary going on in there.  We shall see tomorrow - but I am keeping positive thoughts that all is normal and we can try for a V-Bac as planned.

Best moments this week: A couple of my best girlfriends from college threw me an awesome baby shower on Saturday afternoon.  It was so much fun getting together with everyone and it's amazing how much love this baby already has.  And the gifts?  They were all precious.  He got plenty of "bike tributes" as well as hip little boy clothing, boy books, plenty of blankets and bibs and some gear for mom and dad too! Because of the shower, my roommate and best friend from college, Emily, was in town and it was so nice to see her and spend some time with her during her visit!  It was a great weekend.

*Bonus* LMK Happenings: Logan and I have been keeping busy with our normal weekly routine of story times, music class, trips to the zoo, MOPS, etc. and I am trying to keep things as "normal" as possible for as long as possible to make the transition to big-sisterhood somewhat pleasant :)  We installed the car seat this past weekend, and she is very eager for baby brother to ride next to her!  She has also mentioned wanting to give him a bath, take him to the park and put a tutu on him.  Things should be interesting, ha!

37 Week Photos:  
I am going to cheat and put up a few pictures of the shower instead - but I was 37 weeks on Friday, so I suppose it counts.  I am kicking myself for not bringing my good camera and only having my phone instead - please excuse the blurry photos.

It was so nice to have all of my dear friends and family from different parts of my life come together to celebrate Baby Boy W. Thank you to all who made it and thanks to Jessie for being such an amazing hostess!

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