Maternity Mondays: 40 Weeks and Last Update

The Highlights:

How Far Along: 40 weeks, 3 days.  If you read my 39 week post, you can pretty much guess how I am feeling.  Except this time, I'm a whole week further along and that much more discouraged.  I have lost hope at this point that my wishes for having a vbac will come true.  Chris and I have discussed pushing back the c-section date to next Wednesday to give me some more time, but alas I think we will stick with this week due to how uncomfortable I am getting and how I am no longer sleeping.

I would be lying if I said that I wasn't disappointed.  Because I am.  Very.  I was convinced that I would at least get to try to have a natural, unmedicated, delivery, but as the clock ticks, I am not so sure that 48 hours is enough time to go into labor on my own.  A c-section this time rules out the possibility for a vbac next time (if there is a next time) and I can't help but feel like I have failed on some account.  I have really had to let go and find peace with the phrase "Healthy mom, Healthy baby" and make that my number one focus moving forward.  As hard as it is, I am coming to terms with it.

And there are some perks to knowing that Wednesday is baby's arrival day and having an "I'm done!" date in sight.  Like....getting to clean my house, do all of our laundry, make one last trip to the grocery store, prep some meals, have my nails freshly painted and my hair dried properly, etc. etc.  There is no doubt that we are ready and super excited to meet this little guy; C-section or not, we are less than 2 days away people!!!

Size of Baby: A Jackfruit which looks considerably smaller than a Watermelon from the pictures.  I am going to have to get to the bottom of Baby Center's sizing methods.

Total Weight Gain / Loss:  I was down a pound at my last appointment, so I am going to record my total weight gain for this pregnancy at +25 pounds.  I have been told by a couple of friends and family members that I look "more comfortable" (a nice way of saying smaller, less chubby, etc.) this time around than with Logan.  And I suppose I would agree, but it's kind of ironic.  With Logan, I was very concerned with the weight gain-age.  I walked a ton and worked out for the entire first and second trimester and tried to focus on eating healthier and "whole-er".  I gained 28 pounds with her, but overall felt more swollen, puffy and bleh for lack of a better term.

This time around, I lacked the same workout motivation and really didn't focus too much on weight and in hindsight, ended up feeling better all around this time.  What gives?!  I think that chasing after a toddler every day certainly helped as well as not being at my desk 5 days a week.  I will say, however, that all of this has gone out the window in this past week or so.  I have been eating more due to boredom, have been very sluggish and am starting to retain water which is showing in my feet and face.  Which leads us right to...

What I am wearing: You know it's bad when your maternity clothes no longer fit.  It's true.  My tops are starting to lift up at the bottom showing a hint of belly and my pants are feeling snugger by the minute.  Forget about demi-panel anything.  It's full panel or pajama pants all the time now.

Movement: Slow but he is still moving.

Sleep: Nope.  In fact, I usually just can't wait to wake up in the morning because sleep has gotten pretty unbearable.  Carpel Tunnel has appeared with a vengeance in my left hand and the pain is unmanageable at this point.  The only remedy is keeping upright (standing) and moving around.  Sadly, the photo below is not a joke and is my best attempt at keeping somewhat elevated at night.  Chris has been kicked to the guest bedroom and pillows have taken his place.  I alternate between ice packs in the evening to try and give my hand some relief, but they help very minimally and last night not at all.

What I miss: Sleep.

Cravings: Sleep.

Symptoms: Carpel Tunnel and Heartburn / Acid Reflux are my largest complaints at this point.  Other than that, I am continuing to have Braxton Hicks throughout the day but nothing consistent.  No other "labor signs" have presented themselves.

Best moments this week: We have managed to eat out like it's nobody's business these past couple of weekends.  This weekend we met friends at YaYa's, Snooze and Larkburger.  We also enjoyed a night at the St. Julien Hotel in Boulder watching our brother-in-law play in the lobby which made for a relaxing Saturday night!

*Bonus* LMK Happenings: While I may be slowing down, Logan certainly is not.  She is as active as ever and is quite hilarious on top of that.  She has been talking non stop these days and as I'm sure many of you parents of a two year old can relate to, is in a phase of repeating every single thing she says until you validate/comment/laugh/repeat what is coming out of her mouth.  It's exhausting!

Also, gum.  She looooves gum and has been receiving it for pooping in the potty (we've had some regression in this department recently.  It's killing me dead).  She swallows it in about 30 seconds and her favorite part is breaking it up and looking at it in her mouth.  Her excitement is captured below.

40 Week Photo:

So that's it from me, I suppose.  40 weeks in a nutshell.  Thanks for reading along with all of my maternity posts.  They have been fun and therapeutic to write and I am happy to have documented this pregnancy with you.

Here's to praying for a no glitch c-section, a healthy mama and most importantly a thriving, content and happy baby-to-be.  We can't wait to meet you little boy!


Kendall said...

Wishing you a speedy safe delivery and excited to read about your new family of four :) you look great and your picture of the pillows sure brought back flashbacks of my own pregnancy with my Logan.

leslie said...

Best of luck!!!! Anxious to hear and you look adorable (even if you feel less than so) - so exciting!!!!

Kara said...

I am sorry your VBAC may not happen but am super happy for Baby W to get here!! Happy and Healthy!! We are thinking of you and can't wait for the text update! :-) And, by the way, at 40 weeks you look fabulous! Your hair is always together and you look precious always. I was in a moo-moo 24/7 towards the end and slept with a contraption from Relax The Back starting at 5.5 months. The end is near and you're going to have a fabulous little boy to love and hug VERY soon!!! xoxo

Marisa Bates said...

You rock Tiff. No failures here, you are one tough mama. Weston is lucky to be coming into such a great family. Now, gimme some gum ;)