When the going gets tough, the tough get...shopping

Online, of course.  Because navigating the dressing rooms with a double stroller is a task that I am not sure I will ever be willing to accomplish.

And, can I get an "Amen!" for being able to purchase items that do not have the word 'Maternity' on the label?!

The change of seasons has been the perfect reason to purchase a few new items for my wardrobe and to be able to greet the warmer weather sans a baby in my belly, certainly has me smiling.

My Loft card racked up a few points with these purchases:

And even more fun, was shopping via picture text messages, rapid firing yes' and no's, with my sister in law.  She lives in Virginia and was able to attend the annual J-Crew Warehouse sale in Leesburg.  Bins and boxes full of $5 t-shirts and $10 dresses?!  Yes please.  We were in heaven (even from afar, here in Denver)!  Logan and I made out like bandits.  The boys?  Not so much.

Thanks Leigh!

Also, thank you all for your texts, emails, phone calls and comments in response to yesterday's post.  If only I would have known all of the babysitting and girl's night offers I received, I would have cleared our calendar - ha :)

Seriously though, thank you.  Your words of encouragement and "I feel the same way!" are refreshing.  Some days are happy and easy.  And some days are daunting and hard, but I know that it's just all part of the territory that comes with this job that is motherhood.  I mostly wanted to write to / for those who could relate or were feeling the same way.  The pressure to be a crafting, smiling, calm, doting, patient, positive, fun, cute, super mom is everywhere and let's face it...some days we just aren't.

How about one last hoorah for two kids who must have read yesterday's woes and decided to sleep at the same time so that I could do this blog post.

It's the little things, right?

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Leighdleblog said...

What a sweet sleeping baby! Will shop for you again anytime :) It was almost more fun than shopping for myself!