Easter 2013

It appears that picture taking (and blogging) takes second fiddle these days, but Easter did happen around here.

We enjoyed the day with my sister, nephew and brother who were all in town for the holiday - to have everyone in the same place at once is a rarity that only happens every few years.  We missed my brother in law, who is deployed right now.

And it was our first holiday as a family of four.  I am proud that we all made it out of the house to my parents, dressed, fed, alive and only an hour late - ha!  Needless to say, I did not capture our first family photo like I had planned...one of these days it will happen.  Hopefully before Weston is one.

Logan had a great day of Easter egg hunts, candy induced comas and time spent with her cousin and Auntie and Uncle.  Weston spent most of the day wrapped up in the Moby or in the arms of Auntie, Jojo and Cousin.  He felt jipped that his basket wasn't filled with chocolate and jelly beans and decided to sleep most of the day away, but man did he look cute in his Peter Rabbit onesie...

Hope your day was special too!

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