You guys.

This girl has me in hysterics almost every second of the day.  Seriously.  How is a two 1/2 year old so damn funny?  If only I could have my phone on perma-video to capture her hilarity throughout the week.

Logan is certainly not lacking in the personality department.  Not even close.  I can't tell you how many times I think to myself: "Where did she get that?!" And while I would like to think it comes from Chris or myself, neither one of us are really that funny.  Sorry babe.

I could go on and on about some of her antics but it would be an injustice to her to try and describe what you have to see and hear for yourself.  Thus, today's video.  This was after ballet and right before her nap (thus the pull-up) while I was fixing lunch...without the slightest bit of prodding from me.

And, yes, that would be my sweet baby crying in the background.  He almost always wins at getting my attention, but I just had to finish filming this for you.

You're welcome :)


Amanda said...

My gosh, I love that girl :)

Kara said...

What a fun moment to capture! Not only is she funny, but she has got some talents :) Thank you for sharing!