Gone Fishing

What exactly does one do while both kids are napping at the same time (+1 for me)?

Take pictures of self in one's new "Fisherman" jacket, naturally.  Originally $118, marked down to $49.99 with 30% off, this coral jacket was a Gap steal!

My phone is being held hostage by the white noise app which is keeping Weston sleeping soundly (also why a few of you are still waiting for a call back).  So, I busted out our camera for the first time in who knows how long to capture my new purchase.

Chris took these photos the other evening and the quality makes me realize that I should take it out more often and re-learn it's features for which we purchased it.

I will continue to distract myself from the Boston Marathon Bombing coverage which has become oddly addicting (in a sad, sick way) to watch.  There are no words and as my friend Kara put it best: "I am officially in the search for a secluded, private island to raise my kids on...who wants to join me (us)?!"

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