Side by Side

We often get asked if Weston looks like Logan did as a newborn.  I thought I would let these pictures speak for themselves, because who doesn't love a good sibling montage?

My answer?  Yes.  Twinsies if you ask me.  Logan is on the left in all photos, and Weston on the right.

It appears that I neglected taking photos during weeks 5 - 12ish with Logan (perhaps because I was just trying to survive), but nevertheless, I am starting to notice several differences between them now.  There is no mistaking that Weston is all boy - make that man - and it's too funny.  We like to call him 'The Professor'.

Here they are with their signature looks of the moment.  Logan being...well, Logan.  And Weston wide eyed and serious, ha.  Perfect harmony.

Happy Friday!   Apparently I don't even know what day it is.  That should tell you something about my state of being:  Otherwise known as one big blur these days.

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Amanda said...

So cute! Love that little Miss Logan, she makes me smile! :)