Snow Day

I never hit 'post' last night - whoops.

After spending all day inside, literally all day, Chris called to let me know that he would be a couple of hours late this evening.

Ugh.  Hate that.

To cope, I have poured myself a huge-ish glass of vino while Logan has her sippy cup filled with Citrus Blend Sparkling Water.  And Weston?  He just finished a healthy dose of, er...formula.  Sorry buddy.  I plopped Logan in front of Angelina Ballerina and decided to postpone cruising Facebook to write this post while dinner warms up.

Until now, I have had an especially "on" day as a mom.  You know those days when you actually stop what you are doing every time to respond to the demands of your two your old?  The days when you get down on their level to play?  When you suggest and teach new games and make believe stories?  That was me.  All day.  You can just call me "Super Mom", thankyouverymuch.

I woke up knowing that we would be housebound today due to the snow and frigid cold that blasted Denver overnight and I was prepared for the day ahead before getting the wild one out of bed at 7:00am.  I had a craft or two in my pocket, things to bake, blankets for forts and new books to read.  And we did all. of. it.

We made jumbo crayons:

We built a fort:

We made snow ice cream (don't bother if you ask me):

We read books.  We painted.  We colored.  We made cookies.  We played with blocks.  We turned up the tunes.  And we danced.  We danced and danced and danced.  Until this happened...

So, maybe not Super Mom after all.

She fell right on the corner of our baseboard mid-twirl, poor thing.  She was actually semi-fine until she caught a glimpse of her goose egg in the mirror.  And then she really lost it.  I'm just thankful we avoided a visit to the ER for stitches.  Instead, I Googled the symptoms of a concussion and watched paranoid for the remainder of the day for any signs.  Thankfully, I think we are in the clear.

Anyhow, I'm officially exhausted and my Sav Blanc is well deserved, let me tell you.  I for one, will be happy when snow days are no longer a part of our forecast.  Bring on the sun!


Kara said...

What a bump! Poor girl. Sounds like you had a fabulous day otherwise! I think we will copy your crayon idea soon...ours are all getting pretty small. I think you can call that a "super mom" day for sure!

Jeff and Emily said...

omg this CRACKS me up because this is literally the story of my snow day... we made an awesome craft too until I then proceeded to burn Johanna's finger on a hot glue gun...yeah I know I'm an idiot! I think this means we shouldn't get any more snow days and spring needs to just stay. Hope Logan feels better soon poor thing!