Getting My Groove Back

Weston is already a month old and I am almost 5-weeks postpartum.  Wow - where has the time gone?!

It's amazing how painfully slow time goes leading up to the birth and once they are here, the weeks tend to fly by.  Although they don't consist of anything mind blowing or extraordinary, they do come and go faster than I would like sometimes.  For instance, Weston has already outgrown my favorite newborn outfit of his, sigh.

I have come a ways since this post and things have been looking up with every day that passes.  I am finally getting my groove back and am starting to feel like having two kids is indeed (somewhat) manageable.

For the most part, we have returned to living life around Logan's schedule (up at 7:30, nap at 12:30, bed at 7:30) with morning activities and afternoons spent around the house or outside and Weston has been fitting right in.  Up until late last week, I was not trying to get him on any sort of schedule and let him eat whenever he fussed, nap whenever and wherever and wasn't too concerned with him sleeping through the night.  I am now working on organizing his day a little better, for his sake and mine, and am focusing mostly on the Baby Wise technique of the 3-hour feed, wake, sleep cycles.  So far, it's been going pretty well.  That is...until we reach 5:00pm.  At that point, all hell breaks loose until he goes to sleep for the night (around 8pm).  He is still waking up 2-3 times a night to eat and my biggest struggle is getting him to fall back asleep when he is done.  I am hoping that the BW method will take us down to just 1-2 times a night in the next few days, but I'm certainly not holding my breath.  Logan woke up during the night for the longest time and did not sleep through the night until 9 months despite my best efforts!

The boy also does not like any contraptions.  Hates the swing, dislikes the Rock N' Play (as it turns out), scoffs at the carseat, and will humor me with the bouncy seat for all of a minute.  But, he does love his mama.  The Ergo and the Moby are my saviors and because he likes to be snuggled close to me, I will let his lack of enthusiasm for all other devices slide.

Logan is adjusting to life with her baby brother pretty darn good and although she is persistent on getting attention, it's not negative attention and she has yet to have any major meltdowns or tantrums.  She is also very perceptive to where Weston is at any given time.  If she can't see him, she automatically thinks that I forgot him - ha!  Hey, at least someone is keeping me accountable, right?  I have noticed that she is even more fond of Chris than usual and I suspect it has something to do with the fact that he can always hold her and play with her when there are times where I can't.  He also does all of the "big kid" stuff with her like ride bikes, play at the park, etc. etc.  It's been a good harmony and she really is a sweet, loving and well behaved little girl.

Sorry for the hodgepodge, but I wanted to give some sort of update!

Here's a little bit of the life that we've been up to these days...

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