Even with a mean stuffy nose, a certain someone has been full of them lately.

Except for when he's being held by his big sister, that is.  Then he just fears for his safety.

And speaking of big sister's, can we talk about Logan for a second?

When did she stop being a toddler and morph into a little lady?  Maybe it's the barrette (a gift for me that looks better on her), or that model-like stare (which I promise I wasn't coaching her to do) or the fact that having an infant makes her seem like a giant?

Whatever it is, I'm not sure I like it.

Mostly because I am now one of "them".  The parents who swear up and down to other parents about just how fast time goes and to enjoy every minute.  You know...the super annoying ones?  It appears that would be me!

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smaltarich said...

Yeah she should probably be a model!