The Glow Factor

Well that was a little break now, wasn't it?

I decided to come back with a super interesting topic: self tanners.  Excited?

A few things.  I am quite fair.  And not the pretty, porcelian doll kind of fair.  But rather the reddish, blotchy, turn purple when I am cold, scars stick around around for an eternity kind of fair.

To say that I look better with some sort of tan is an understatement.  But with being so fair and a family history of skin cancer, what's a girl to do?

Enter self tanners.  I've tried pretty much every method including spray tans, lotions, mousses and the latest, tanning towels.  Most people I know have some sort of aversion to self tanners due to streakiness and lack of confidence when it comes to self application.  And, I get it.  I have turned into an Oompa Loompa myself a time or two.

Exhibit A)


Lucky for you, I have done the dirty (or should I say streaky) work for you and have found the easiest, cheapest and most fool proof product in my opinion.

Tan towels by Look Good Naked (which maaaaay be a stretch) are amazing and truly do not streak.  Nor do they leave me looking too orange.  They have two shades, but I have only tried the "Light/Medium" skin tone towel; each application lasts about 5 days.  I have only found these at Ulta (not Sephora or Tartget yet unfortunately)...

Here are my tips for obtaining the most natural tan:

- Exfoliate and shave in the shower.  My favorite way to exfoliate is with my own recipe of 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1/4 cup olive oil and 1/8 cup sea (or kosher) salt.  Nothing too fancy, but it leaves my skin wonderfully smooth.

- Apply tan towel BEFORE moisturizing.  Spread towel flat as best you can and use your palm to make uniform motions up and down your body (or areas that you would like tan).  Start with the area that you desire to be the darkest, as the concentrated formula will dissipate as you apply.  I do my face last, fyi.

- Moisturize your entire body (I believe that this is the step prevents streaking).

- Wash hands, tops of feet (trust me on this one), elbows and knees.  I usually just blot a towel with water and rub it lightly over these areas.

- Let dry before applying clothes, about 10 minutes will do.  Also wait a day before wearing white to avoid any transfer to your clothes.

Get glowing!

And if you visit this blog for pictures of this sweet guy rather than tanning advice, let me happily oblige...

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Brandee said...

This post is currently highly relevant to my life. I, too, am white white white and sorta reddish and sometimes purpley-scar-y