3 Months

We made it!  While it makes me sniff just a little that Weston is no longer a "newborn", I couldn't be more smitten with the little man he is.  We managed to get through these past few months relatively unscathed (almost) and life with baby West could not be sweeter.

To catch you up, here are a few FAQ's:

Q: How is he sleeping?

A:  amazing. He sleeps from 10pm - 6am (sometimes miraculously until 7) and takes several great naps throughout the day.  One of them is even at the same time as Logan's afternoon nap.  I know, don't hate me. Despite my hard core efforts, Logan did not, would not, refused to sleep through the night until 10 months, so I was preparing myself for the worst a similar situation with Weston.  Apparently I psyched myself out for nothing because 'sleep' is this guy's middle name - and I am SO grateful.  And so is Chris because I am actually pleasant to be around in the morning!

Q: How is Logan doing with him?

A: Good.  Kind of indifferent honestly.  No tantrums or extreme attention seeking but not overly thrilled by him either.  Now that he is starting to laugh and smile at her, she seems to be giving him at least a couple seconds of her attention each day, haha.

Q: How is sharing a room going for the kids?

A: I was beginning to think that I "designed" a dual bedroom for nothing.  Up until a week ago, Weston was still sleeping in our room.  Because of his terrific sleep habits, I didn't want to jinx it by switching him to his crib.  I feared that both Logan's sleep and his sleep would be disrupted so I was dreading the night I finally decided to try it out.  Again, worried for nothing.  He sleeps through Lolo's nightly ritual of requests and demands and she sleeps through his cries to eat. In fact, I am looking at them and listening to them through the monitor right now and am chuckling because Logan is squeezing (his) Sophie the Giraffe whilst singing, more like belting, a song and Weston hasn't even stirred.

Q: Is he a good baby?

A: This question kind of drives me nuts and I try my hardest not to ask it myself. Mostly because I would get it all the time with Logan and she... um...wasn't?  I mean what was I supposed to say?  "No, I have a bad baby."  And what even makes a good baby?  One who doesn't cry?  One who sleeps?  One who likes being held?

Tangent, sorry...

Anyways, I prefer to answer with something along the lines of, "Yes, he is very content..."  Once we got Weston's reflux figured out and under control, he has been a different baby.  He really is just so mellow and so happy, it's awesome!  He is perfectly fine being in a different room than me, just looking and kicking around and rarely fusses.  And when he does, it's just that.  A fuss rather than a full out scream.  A far cry from the challenges that the Little Miss presented me with.

Q: How is it adjusting to life with two kids?

A: Honestly, it's been easier than I expected.  Except for those first sixish weeks.  Then all bets were off.  Due to my response above, I feel as though Weston gets the credit for making the transition from one to two so easy.  But, don't get me wrong.  I find myself requesting an extra pair of hands at least 52 times a day and you could certainly spy me in the grocery store with the two of them with a look that does not express "easy".  Oh, and getting anywhere on time?  Forget about it.  So, it's all relative.

Q: Are we done having kids?

A: Never say never but I think so.

West's Likes at 3 Months:
- Sucking his hands
- Looking at faces
- Smiling
- Being tickled
- Baths
- Being swaddled
- White noise
- Blowing on his stomach or face
- Watching the fan
- Stroller rides
- Lights
- His pacifier (specifically and only his Wubbanub)

- Car rides
- Being startled
- Logan climbing on him
- Logan holding him
- Logan tickling him
- Logan bouncing him
- Logan rocking him profusely in his car seat
- Logan...


Happy 3-months my beautiful (with dimples.  dimples!  how did I get so lucky?) baby boy.  You are so sweet I can hardly stand it!


Kate said...

Ooooooooo I love this so much! You make having two sound Not Terrifying!

All of my qualms about having a second (not pregnant, just an over-thinker) stem from L's crappy sleeping. I am still tired from 11 months of nighttime wake-ups.

ANYHOO, enough about me, your little guy is adorable!

Leighdleblog said...

Oh, Tiff! I am itching/aching to hold him. Counting down the days...So glad it is next week otherwise I would throw the bank account a nasty charge and just fly out to cuddle him and see his dimples in person! I am SO glad things are going so well. See you soon!