'B' Boxes

Well, hello there!

What a whirlwind of the past two weeks it's been.  The overlapping blocks on my Google calendar are a constant reminder of just how fast this summer is flying by.  In a good way.  But also in a "super busy i swear it was just Monday how is it already June 18th Memorial Day feels like yesterday" kind of way.

So, I suppose I will just skip over some of our recent happenings* and move right into these.

They have arrived: June's Birchbox (for women) and the Bluum Box (for parents / kids) - not from the same company, mind you.  I had to know what all the hype was with this box business (I'm sure you have seen ads on Facebook for several more), so decided to try out a few for myself.

The consensus?  Fun.

Then again, any package that arrives at your doorstep usually is.

In a nutshell, I am more impressed (and actually very so) with the Bluum Box (especially the amount of stuff to the amount of money spent ratio) but I do love the lip pencil in the Birch Box and will consider purchasing it in the future.

I probably won't become a monthly member of either, but at least my curiosity is cured.  I should also mention that while both box companies make you apply to get on their "waiting list", both emailed me the next day saying I had been "accepted".  Which is clever marketing because I won't lie, felt pretty cool.

Anyhow, take a peek:

Per usual, I am just as intrigued by the packaging as the actual package; Birchbox's was super cute.
I'm thinking about framing these post cards?!
Ton's of stuff, right?  Weston is already a fan of his rattle.

* Father's Day should be noted, however, as it was our third year celebrating in Beaver Creek post Chris' 130-mile ride meeting us at the Westin (not to be confused with Weston).  And yes, you read that right.  A 130-mile bike ride.  For fun.  Because he can.  Some people like to celebrate special days in sick ways...

Bike riding obsession aside, we truly have it made with Chris.  What an amazing Dad he is.  We are beyond (like, way beyond) blessed.  I am so thankful to have him as my partner in parenting and my heart is sincerely so full of happiness that our kids get to grow up with such an amazing, present, caring role model and friend.  

We love you, Chris.

This is how we get a family shot these days!  I seriously think it's our first family of four photo which is pathetic.

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