The 4th!

We snuck up to the mountains to celebrate the 4th this year with our friends / neighbors who invited us up to their Steamboat house.

It was such a fun 3-day getaway and I am here to report that vacationing with kids can in fact be a blast (and relaxing) when you are with others who have kids the same age to entertain themselves and a "barmour" that's fully stocked ;)

Lily and Grayson are twins and just a couple of months older than Logan.  Despite the fact that Logan had to poop and decided to hold it the entire trip (thus making her a bit of a cranky pants - literally), the girls had a blast together and got along great.

Gray was especially fond of her baby, "Whehon", and he had no shortage of being held and tended to.

We made it to Strawberry Park hot springs which is a MUST do if you are in the area and for the sake of "staying in the picture", I let Chris snap this shot of us.  Stroller Strides really needs to start targeting back fat.  Yikes.

And what would a vacation be to Chris without a little bike riding?  This time some (dangerous) downhill action which he was clearly not fully equipped for.

The day of the 4th, we made Red, White and Blue pancakes (Buckwheat Pancakes, Blueberry Syrup and Strawberries topped with Creme Fraiche), attended the town's 4th of July parade, spent some time at the river and watched fireworks at the county courthouse that evening.

Back at home, Logan returned to her spunky self the minute she, ahem, took care of business.  

Thanks for the great weekend Jamie and Colin!

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