Berry Patch Farms

Yesterday, Shannon took Ezra and Logan to Berry Patch Farms while I was at work (again - community.  A friend who wants to take your kid even if you aren't coming along?!  Love.)

They had a blast picking berries, riding on the hayride and petting the animals.  I received these two pictures on my phone and when I got home was greeted to a "surprise" bouquet of flowers that Logan picked for me.

She has been big on "surprising" me these days.  It usually goes something like this: 

"Mom.  Close your eyes and I will give you surprise flowers and you will open your eyes and I will say Surprise!"  Or...."Mom, come with me.  Close your eyes.  I made a surprise picture for you and when I say when, I will say surprise and you need to open your eyes and be surprised.  Okay?"  

If that's not the cutest thing ever, I don't know what is.  Clearly the definition of surprise is still a little vague.

Notice the hand on the hip.  That's a thing lately.
I would no longer let her cross her arms when she got upset, so this has been her alternative.  Wonder where she got that?  Hmm - hah.  Thankfully, she looks like she's enjoying herself here rather than being Miss Grumperson.

Anyhow, the end of summer has been moving right along and we are mentally preparing for Fall - the 90+ degree weather has been helping on that front.  Logan starts preschool on the 3rd of Sept. and there has been (surprisingly) a lot of preparation for that.  She is going to a parent co-op preschool and when they said parent participation would be heavy, they meant it!  I'm already exhausted and the year hasn't even started.

Looking forward to sharing more about preschool soon!

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