First Day

Today was a huge milestone, people.  It was Logan's FIRST day of school (in which she will be attending twice a week.  For half a day.  But still.  School, nonetheless).

We have been anticipating this day for most of the summer and Logan has eagerly been "preparing" for the big day.  We packed up her piggy back pack with crayons and paper and hand sanitizer and sent her off this morning for her new adventure.  She was so excited to see "Mrs. Lisa" and "Mrs. Robin", her two teachers, and didn't hesitate when we dropped her off.

And to tell you the truth?  I didn't either.  She is so ready for this and I am so excited for her!  It's such a natural step and while being justbarely three years old makes her the youngest child in her class, I know that she will be none the wiser.  This social butterfly was made for interaction like preschool and I can't wait to experience all of the things she discovers, learns, creates, says and does this year.  I've heard from other parents and teachers that the progression from the first day of preschool to the last is remarkable.

And let's be honest.  Two days a week with only one (easy going) child?  Yes please :)  The school offered a "Tea and Tissues" time for parents who were having a hard time dropping off their kids this morning.  A sweet gesture.  Also one that I can't say I really relate too.  Similarly, I laughed out loud to this post on Momastery...

When I picked Logan up (after a very fast 3 hours) she had paint in her hair and was sitting patiently in the circle waiting for her name to be sung so that she could stand up and greet me.  It was very sweet.  When we left the classroom, she was more quiet about her day than I would have expected, but once we got home she told me all about painting and dressing up and singing.  Oh, and how the classroom was too messy, ha.

We LOVE Montview and the co-op characteristics that make it unique.  A parent co-op means that parents are a mandatory and active part in the school from fundraising to clean up days to rotating "helping days" in the classroom.  Although it requires a bit more "work" than other schools we looked at, I love knowing that other parents are so involved and that everyone has a vested interest in our kid's lives.  The school is a cell phone and photo free "zone", so unfortunately I won't be able to get any pics of Little Miss in the actual classroom - which is kind of a bummer but also something that I appreciate.

Anyhow, here is the three year old herself, proud as can be, on her first day:


Amanda said...

Cutest thing ever and she is SUCH a Tiff mini-me!

Kara said...

Love her...she is so pretty, just like her momma. Her outfits kill me. I want to be your kid in my next life. :-) Congrats to LMK and to you momma! xo