The Man of the House

No, not Chris.  The other one.  The littlest man.  He's 6 months old today!  Nope, can't believe it.  Can you?

Time is passing so much more quickly this time around than it did with Logan which is both good and bad.  I really feel as though "milestones" are coming and going with a blink of an eye.  Weston has two bottom teeth, can roll from his back to his front and back again, perches up on his hands and holds his head up, is having a go at "solid" foods and has the cutest fuzzy hair.

He is still a great sleeper and gets in 2-3 solid naps a day and even gives me 6-8 hours of sleep most nights.  For those wondering how sharing a room is going, it's surprisingly really good.  Both Logan and Weston sleep through each others wake up times and random fussiness.  The only time I have trouble is when Logan is not particularly tired and Weston is fussing and I have to go in the room.  She then thinks she can get up, talk to me, grab a toy, etc. but for the most part she knows that I am not there for her, hah.

Speaking of Logan, the sun rises and sets with her according to Weston.  He adores her and thinks she is downright hilarious.  Which is hilarious in and of itself.  Exhibit A)

I am the first to admit when shit hits the fan and hardly want to paint an unrealistic picture, but honestly?  Life is like, really good right now... and I'll take it.

We love you little man (we literally get comments all day long about our "old man" baby, heheh).

Happy halfsies to you - what a sweet six months it has been!

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Amanda said...

His laugh is infectious! I was cracking up at my screen. SO sweet!!