The "Regal" Bun

Hi!  Happy Monday.

Is it Fall where you are?  It is here and I can say that after returning from some very hot temps in Mexico yesterday, the cooler air is a nice change of pace.  I mean, if there has to be a change of pace from drinking mojitos on white sand beaches for three days...ahhh yes.  It was glorious.

Anyhow, while sorting through some pictures I have realized that I have had a favorite hairstyle as of late.  My hair is so ready for a cut and highlight.  I don't know about you, but there comes an awkward point for me that I can't wear my hair down in it's usual style without it looking a little funky.  I read in a magazine several years back that it's a tall tell sign that your hair's ready for a trim when you can't style it like normal or in the same amount of time.

Anyhow (again), until I wait it out until Friday's appointment, here's been my pull-back of choice:

On our way snorkeling in Riviera Maya.  Saltwater is a miracle texture worker, ha.

I started this pony tail high up

This pony tail was started lower

My hair was the cleanest here - making the hair loose which falls out for a messier look
As you can see, it can take on many forms depending on how textured (read: dirty) your hair is that day and at what point you start your pony tail (higher up = more formal).  I call it regal because that's what one of my friends said, ha, but I still wear it with "workout pants" and a sweatshirt - which of course is anything but.

Best part is?  It's super easy people (thanks to Kate's tutorial).  Don't roll your eyes.  I do this puppy in under 5 minutes - pinky swear.

Give it a try for something different!

I'm off now to make some Pumpkin White Bean Turkey Chili for this evening (did I mention the kids have been napping at the SAME time for over an two hours?!)  I tried to hold out until October for anything Pumpkin related, but it just looks too good to wait.

Adios amigos - I already mentioned how great Mexico was, right??


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Leighdleblog said...

Where is your orange striped suit from?? I love it! Glad you had a fun trip to Mexico...Sounds amazing! I'm heading to Myrtle Beach week after next, but I doubt there'll be mojitos and snorkeling :)