Just Say "No"

This is one of those stories that I don't want to forget...a moment in time when your child's reality is so innocent and sweet (and quite funny too).

After receiving a disturbing email from a mom in our MOPS group about how her daughter got approached in the front yard by a car trying to lure her in (while she was inside for a "split second" - to which I am totally guilty myself), I decided I should have my first "chat" with Logan about what to do if she found herself in that situation - ugh, scary stuff.  Of course, such chat needed to be short, direct and lighthearted enough to reach a little 3-year old's brain.

It went like this:

Me: "Logan, I want to chat with you about something".

Logan: No acknowledgement. I proceeded anyways.

Me: "If a car ever came up to you and asked you to get in, what would you say?"

Logan: "I would say, No".  Huh, good. I felt a sigh of relief knowing that I was already ahead of the game.

Me: "Exactly.  You would say, "No!"  And if they asked you to go over to them because they had something to show you and I wasn't near you, you would say "No!", right?".

Logan: "Uh huh" while bouncing her ball. Hmm.... Not convincing enough.

Me: "So if someone says: "Hey Logan, I have something really cool and pink and glittery to show you," you need to say "No!  Not without my Mom!" Right?" (Rest assured all you literal processors: even if I was there, there would be no actual viewing of said "cool" stuff).

Logan: "Right. I will say, "Not without my Mom!"  

Me: Think to self: Okay then. Don't beat a dead horse, Tiffany.  She'll say "No".  Proceeded to play.

A few minutes later, Logan: "So, Mom?  If a car ever comes up to you and asks you to get in or to show you something cool, and I'm not around you will say, "No!  Not without Logan!" right?"

Ha. Precisely my sweet girl. 



Suzanne Rivers said...

HAHAH! Hilarious!!

Kara said...

Love it! She's so smart!