Deck the Halls


I'm feeling ahead of the game this year with our house decorated, Christmas cards ordered and gifts either thought out and/or purchased.  Now?  More time for enjoying Egg Nog Lattes and eating cinnamon rolls.  Mmmm.

Decking the halls went off without a hitch…until bedtime.  I agreed to let Logan sleep with her personally decorated light-up Christmas tree in her room, which turned into a two-hour play session. She was so excited and kept hopping in and out of her bed, rearranging the ornaments, talking to the characters (she is very good at imaginative play), singing made up Christmas songs and jingling the bells on the ornaments.  Which, of course, would wake up Weston.  I would finally get them both quieted down, Logan back in her bed and then the situation would repeat 20 minutes later.  Needless to say, I am a bit groggy this morning.  Groggy but filled with smiles.  I love seeing her excitement and joy this season.

'Tis going to be a fun Christmas.

Hope you all had a fantastic Turkey Day.  We had a great time giving thanks at Chris' parents house with my parents and several members of Chris' family - including cousins.  I love that Logan is growing up with her cousins close by and creating so many special memories.

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Jeff and Emily said...

Hang in there Mama! My kiddos usually don't sleep through the night until they reach 1. (I'm with you, sleeping through the night for me is literally all night long none of that 5 hour business, lol!) Hope you feel rested soon!