Kitchen Cabinetry

Oh good!  The title didn't turn you off just yet.

Turns out choosing kitchen cabinetry goes way beyond the question of "light or dark?"

Picking out kitchen cabinetry was the first of the major decisions in determining what our renovated kitchen will (eventually) look like.  Jane and I spent many hours days at Home Depot with the design team choosing cabinetry and we, I?, vacillated many, many times.  Per usual.

A few things that played into our final cabinetry decision:

1) When doing a flip, it's important to stay neutral.  And timeless.  A "Shaker" style cabinet proves to be just that.  I have read many times that it's a blank canvas for "the artist" or in this case, the buyer.

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2) Next: The color.

I wanted to avoid a "country" feel, thus initially leaning towards dark cabinetry.  But, with the size of the kitchen (read: small), we wanted to make it seem as big as possible.  I fell in love with "Sharkey Grey" shaker cabinets by Martha Stewart, which seemed to be the best of both worlds, but alas her name equated to big bucks for her cabinetry line.  Plus?  Sharkey Grey wasn't entirely neutral.  Double bummer.  Moving on...

We then decided on a really pretty cream cabinetry.  I was happy with the decision but couldn't quite shake the "country" feeling and kept wondering if we should have gone with white.  I think cream can look amazing, but wasn't sure how we would pull it off.  The next day, we received a call from Home Depot saying that our particular color of cream is no longer available.  A blessing in disguise, I think.  It made the next choice so easy!

And so, enter white cabinetry.  Our current house has white cabinetry so although it would have been fun to see something different, I really do love it and can't wait to see it in person!

3) Another decision? Full or partial overlay.  I won't bore you with the details, but basically a "full overlay" means that the cabinetry does not have a gap in the middle and the doors meet together.  Read (and see) more here.  Although a bit pricier, we went with full overlay.

4)  Lastly, price.  Always price.  We found a "middle of the road" cabinetry line in terms of price, that suits all of our needs!

The cabinets we decided on are by American Woodmark from Home Depot.  Style is "Reading" and the color is "Linen".  Love them.

Houzz has given some great inspiration!  Here are a few visuals that contain every element of the cabinet style we decided upon:

Contemporary Kitchen by New York Cabinets & Cabinetry Kitchen Cabinet Kings

And if you are wondering, yes.  We may just move in.  The further we get in the process, the more exciting the possibility becomes.  It will depend on the market and what the best option will be financially, but currently, moving into the "flip" and renting our current home seems to be a likely option.  Now you know :)

Next up?  Countertops.  Stay tuned!

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