Halloween and other shenanigans

Happy November 1st yall!

Are you feeling the craziness of the holidays yet?

Thankfully, I'm not just yet but I will admit to feeling a bit scattered these days.  Here are two of my proudest moments from the past 48-hours:

Yesterday, I took Weston into my work to parade him around in his (ah-dorable) Lobster outfit meanwhile indulging in the goodies from the office pot luck and chit chatting it up with co-workers when I glanced up at the clock, horrified to read "11:20".  I thought surely it was wrong.  It wasn't.  I had completely lost track of time!

I had 10 minutes to pick up Logan from preschool.  I was 20 minutes away.  No big deal except for the fact that one of the things they DRIVE home at "parent orientation" (yes, for preschool) is how a child can lose their sense of self-esteem if they are dropped off and/or picked up late from school.  You know, they see all the other kids leaving and they wonder why their mom or dad hasn't come to pick them up.  Aren't they good enough?  What did they do wrong?  Yatta yatta.    Serious trauma we're talking about.

I called the school frantically, letting them know that I would be a few minutes late and could they please make sure Logan was okay and that I was soooooo sorry.  They obliged - although not necessarily happily.

I hit every red light.  And a siren.  But alas, I was only five minutes late and was not even the last of the parents to pick up their child (who I highly doubt called nor sent their cortisol levels into overdrive).  Logan was probably more excited than ever because she got a few minutes extra with her teacher, "Mrs. Lisa".

Then this morning?  I was piling the kids into the car, thinking of a million things, listening to voice mails, responding to text messages, getting a snack out for Logan, making a bottle for Weston whilst (just imagine it) carrying an armload of stuff from the church to my car after MOPS only to figure out ten minutes into our drive home (while on the phone with my mother in law discussing logistics about the new house project) that I had forgotten to buckle Logan in.  Um yea.  She was in the middle seat, singing a song, eating her snack, happy as a clam.  An unbuckled, very unsafe, could be thrown out the windshield in an instant...clam.

Mom of the year!

Tonight, however, my inlaws have Logan (perhaps Jane felt the need to offer for the safety of her grandchild), Weston is sleeping and Chris is at happy hour with the guys and I am starting to unwind (or maybe it's just the wine, hmm).  Regardless, it's awesome.

I even have time to scroll through the pictures on my phone to recap Halloween for you.  Twas' a fun night for Logan, I mean Tinkerbell slash "regular" fairy because I could not for the life of me find a green leotard, and Weston the Lobster.

Logan was all about the candy this year and she outlasted her other 3-year old buddies by two full blocks of trick-or-treat fun.  Since then, it  has been a minute by minute battle on when she can have her next piece.  I will either have to conveniently "lose" the candy or eat it myself to win this one.  Probably the latter.

Getting her game face on.  The Rocky theme song comes to mind.

Confused, although cute as all get-out, per usual

Barely holding it together for the photo and...

She freaks.
"Mom, I need more candy STAT!"  The lobster also loses interest, sigh. 

Hope you all had a great 31st!  

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Kara said...

I took the babies out of the car at the library once and realized Hope's infant seat never locked in the base. That was a fun moment. We all have them. You rock as a mom Tiff!!!! Happy Fall and happy yall are all well!! xo