Family Photos

Warning:  I am about to do one of those "Here are our awesome family photos!" barf-y posts on you.

a) because I know I have at least one (two?) relatives reading who might like to see them

b) because getting all of us in another family photo before the holidays seems pathetically impossible (I'm serious.  I have intentionally left out our Christmas card photo).


c) I love them #sorrynotsorry

Even better?  The proceeds of our photo shoot went towards fundraising efforts for our church last month.

Thanks Bethany Jayne Photography - you nailed it.

Oh.  And if you might be wondering what happened to this little biz, in a nutshell...life.  Andrew took a new 50+ hour a week job and I got lazy.  Kidding.  I got super busy myself and so we decided that The Uncommon Reel should get some shut eye.  Get it?  Camera shutters.  Shut eye.  Sleeping. Taking a break.  Hmmm....it's late.  Perhaps I should do the same.  But yes, we are still friends and we hope to start again at some point with a few different perimeters based on our limited time.

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Kara said...

Wow! These are fabulous!! You have such a beautiful family. Your photographer did a great job!! Just, beautiful :)