Settling In


I finally feel the ability to let out a comfortable sigh since making the move last month.

Besides the fact that we still have a few pieces of furniture at the "old" house (which is UNDER CONTRACT and getting appraised as we speak!!!), namely our kitchen table, our new house is starting to feel like home and for the first time since October, I feel as though our family has some routine again.

It's glorious.

Logan's last day of pre school was Thursday so she is officially on "Summer Break".  We have already hit the pool and the fountains to commence summer and a family reunion over Memorial Day brought us up to Estes Park for the weekend.  The summer bucket list appears to be moving right along.

Speaking of summer (albeit still slightly off topic), what are your favorite sunscreens?  For kids and for yourself?  It's one of my least favorite parts of our morning routine.  I have yet to find something that I like for my body and face (all in one would be preferred) and getting lotion on Weston is gruesome.  Has anyone tried the sunscreen wipes?

Anyhoo - here are a few photos of our recent days:

Our family reunion for Chris' mom's side...

Getting ready for the ropes course.  Have I mentioned I am terrified of heights?  Ugh - I seriously hated this.  And also kind of loved it.

Morning bevies with Dad

S'mores?  Check.  Me and Chris' sisters, Erin and Leigh.

Can we get our money back please?  Weston hated the pony ride. 
Logan was all smiles though

Shucking corn on Memorial Day
Next up, Logan's end of the year party in our new home:

This is L's assistant teacher Ms. Robin who made all of the kids their own photo books from the year.  Super cute idea and a treasure to keep!


Some sort of 'capture the princess' game.  One guess at who the princess was.

Jackson chasing Logan.  There is a love connection here, to be sure.

Logan's bestie, Lia, although her expression does not quite show it.

Excuse me, what?
 Our first pool day at "Mrs. Kim's" pool.  Thanks Kim, we can't wait to come back!!

Worst lunch idea. Ever.

Happy June all!


Amanda Schaumburger said...

I've heard Coola and SuperGoop are good. Actually picking up the Coola (face) because I am looking for a (pretty natural) sunscreen and moisturizer combo. It is pricey so don't know that I would slather it on the kiddos, but will let you know what I think! :)

Kate said...

So jealous that you can just pop over to Estes!

I like the Neutrogena Free & Clear (or something lik that???) for me - they make a stick version that's great for your face. And for kidlets, I like Aveeno Baby - also comes in a stick.