For the Birds

It seems like the weekend was forever ago, but regardless we had a good one. Nice and relaxing filled with Linda's party, shopping with my mom, an amazing almond pastry, a much needed car wash, a long talk with my good friend Steph, Cowgirl Pizza, hiking with Chris and some Academy Award watching for good measure.

Although I found some great antiques at 'The Barn', I thought I would save any new large purchases until the 'projects' that I already have are complete. I have a bright orange chair to re-upholster, an old stool I want to paint and an antique wood piano backing to make a coat rack out of. The ideas continue to flow, but the actual work comes at a much. slower. pace. Sigh.

Have no fear though. I was able to find a few, smaller and no-work involved, treats to satisfy my wandering eye. And, for some reason, all with a bird theme. I have been slightly obsessed with all things birds lately - cages, houses, nests, wings, etc. - and just couldn't resist. Here are a few pics of these sweet little finds:

A funky canvas painting - because it will look great in our laundry room and I love the colors

A frilly little apron from Target - because it was $3!

Cocktail Napkins - just because...

Happy Tuesday!


Amanda said...

SO CUTE! I love the painting! Love the napkins! I agree, I have a "thing" with birds right now too...

Amanda said...

Birds SO cute!!


But so expensive :(


Kara Lindsey said...

I honestly am so not crafty and need to take lessons from you and Amanda. I love birds too - but down here in Mexico my favorite bird seems to be my middle finger.