For the last week, I have had nothing. to. talk. about. I have hit a state of "Blogger's Block" if you will. A state of "Blah".

Do you ever just feel....blah? And for one who hates that word, imagine how I feel about it as an actual state of being -

Blah could quite possibly be the most unsatisfying, confusing and ambiguous emotion ever. But it's real - isn't it?

To me 'blah' looks like a whole bunch of 'not's'. Not really happy, but certainly not sad. Not unfulfilled, but not full. Not excited and not dull. Not frustrated, but not quite satisfied. Not searching but not settling. Not unmotivated, but not motivated enough. Not wanting or needing a thing, but wanting and needing it all.


Lucky for me, 'Blah' doesn't stick around too long. He (a feeling like this couldn't possibly come from a she) usually takes over my mind for about a week or two (three if he's really pushin' it) and then... just like that, he's gone. Generally I come out of this state and return to some sense of joy, contentment, happiness or peace. If all is on schedule, I would say Blah's stay should last another week or so. But rest assured, I am trying to kick him out as soon as possible so that I am free to return to my sassy, happy, blah-less self. Check back soon...

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