Kitchen Tales

Although I often talk about my lack of cooking skills, I must say that I have enjoyed trying new recipes and using all of our kitchen tools, dishes, etc. Last night's dinner was fantastic - and I'm proud to say that it was not made in the crock pot!

On the menu at Cafe Kamp? Stuffed Sweet Peppers, Baked Zucchini Medallions and Sweet Potato Fries. I will never make plain fries or potatoes again. These satisfy the "fry" texture but with added nutrients, fiber, etc. The best is cutting up an actual Sweet Potato and drizzling with olive oil and salt and pepper - but for convenience, the frozen kinds work well too. For dessert - homemade chocolate chip cookies. I pulled 6 mounds of cookie dough right out of the freezer and popped in the oven for 9 minutes for an instant treat (Thanks Erin for the tip...makes so much more sense than cooking all 24 cookies at once) Yum!

I especially recommend the Zucchini sticks/medallions, as I've made them twice now and are a great way to sneak in vegetables. Chris loves them! Find the recipe HERE. Don't let the weight watchers part scare you - these recipes are to die for!

And because I thought I might be a Food Stylist for a minute, I took a picture of our lovely meal (not very food pyramid-ish with the starch taking up half the plate - haha). The flowers and knives were strategically placed by my assistant.

Our kitchen is certainly my favorite room in the house right now and this little spot makes me smile the most - bright, cheery, simple:

Psst - The 'EAT' napkin holder was a $3.95 find from Anthro in their home goods sale section and the napkins, a $2.95 steal from World Market - perfect for Spring I think.

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Amanda said...

L-O-V-E the "Eat" holder and fun napkins- what steals!