Thoughts for Thursday

I am happy to report that I have been feeling much more blah-free (previous post) these past few days and am ready to share all things random with you again. Ah, yes, it's a good day. And because I know you are just dying to know, here's a re-cap of the past several days...

-Chris and I had dinner with some of our friends last Friday at Elway's for Denver's 5280 week. Had the most incredible chicken dish I have ever had and then spent a few days talking about the most incredible chicken I have ever had. Also saw Mr. John Elway himself who was reportedly with Rascal Flats who reportedly gave a private concert at the restaurant about 20 minutes after we had all left. I am reportedly upset about this.

-Spent Saturday and Sunday working on our house. Although I have several "before" pictures and plenty of "during" pictures, the "afters" are not quite ready. Sometimes I'm afraid we never will have "afters". And altough it would be nice, I'm afraid me saying, "...Honey, when will the ______(fill in the blank) be done? I can't wait to start decorating and taking pictures" is not speeding the process along.

-Had a nice happy hour with some girlfriends on Monday for...get this - 1/2 off bottle of wine night! Too good to be true? Well, let's just say that this sweet price also equals a sweet little headache on Tuesday morning, so it depends on how you look at it

-Fell deep into my Blah slump on Tuesday which took up most of my day

-Weighed in on Wednesday am. Up a pound. Blaming it on the un-motivation that Blah tends to bring and moving on.

-Made Crack to bring to Erin's for dinner tonight. Fear not, my 'crack' is only a Feta, Black Bean and Green Onion Salad. My sister gave me this little recipe (literally titled Crack) and it may be as dangerous as the real thing - it has been known to cause addiction in anyone who eats it. If you dare try a taste, I'll send the full recipe to you

-Woke up at 5:00 today because I had to work at the airport for some group arrivals this morning. Although the early wake up was less than pleasant, the people watching was top notch.

I'm off now to get back to work. I have been steadily busy this week, which is a wonderful change from the semi-eery, un-hussleandbussle-ish, phone-not-a-ringin' past few weeks we have been having around here. I hope it only continues to get better as we move into Spring~

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