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A Tip: My sister always told me, "Fall in love with your alterationist." And standing tall at 5'2, I have had to form quite the relationship with mine - without ever learning her name...hmm. I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm nuts for how often I visit her and for all the clothing miracles I think she can perform, BUT it's so worth it! She has taken a straight jacket to a trendy A-Line, has made my ragged Seven Jeans into summer capris, has made a favorite skirt smaller and has let out a dress that was too tight. And by having her do these "larger" projects, most of the time she'll sew a button or a patch a hole for free - just ask! Don't underestimate the work that can be done with their talent - It can save you money, change your wardrobe up a bit and bring life back to stuff you never wear!

A Recipe: Do you have dinner planned yet for tonight? If not, try this recipe. Delicious. Chris wanted seconds, then thirds and brought some to work for lunch this afternoon. I followed it exactly with the exception of the turkey fat %. I used 93/7 rather than 99/1 because that's what I had on hand. Better yet? If you're following ww, a low carb. or wheat free diet or any other type of 'eating right' plan, this recipe is for you. I actually got full for only 4 points - love that!

A Gift: Thanks to my friend Amanda over at Bits and Pieces, I have fallen in love with these amazing little pretties from Lisa Rupp's Design blog:

Download each month for free HERE. Print out on card stock and you too will have yourself a cute month by month calendar!
Ideas on what to do with them?
-Place in simple black frames and arrange on your wall as art.
-Download a smaller size and laminate. Then, stick in your wallet, car, purse, etc. for easy to reach calendars any time.
-Print out your best friend's, mom's, sister's, etc. birthday month. Place in a pretty antique or vintage frame with a hand written note on the back and present it as a sweet, stylish and very cost effective gift!
-Cut out the designs when the month is through and tuck in various spots around the house...fridge, photo board, mirrors, etc. See this post for an example!


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