What's in your wallet?

Wonderful. Thanks for the reminder Capital One. And since you asked...

In my Large-ish, Red, Hobo (think brand here people, not an actual homeless person) style wallet you may or may not find:

- My drivers license - Incorrect address and also incorrect weight. For once, it's a pound or two less than the listed weight. This will probably be the best find in my wallet by far.

- Visa card #1: The "joint" account. The account for mutual spending. Necessary spending. Things that make our household run. Think bills, groceries, household items. I tend to get a bit "loosey goosey" with this card. I can somehow justify anything and everything as being a necessity. My Philosophy Eye Cream? My Rose Bud Cuticle Oil? Our kitchen Soy Candle? What - Do you want me to be a wrinkly, bloody cuticle, smelly kitchen mess? I didn't think so.

- Visa card #2: My personal account. My allowance if you will. I won't get too much into this one. Let's just say, thank goodness for free overdrafts.

- Our credit card: Our 'emergency fund' piece of plastic. Our friend who comes out on Friday evenings to play and our never failing argument every Sunday night. As much as I fight for you Mr. Credit Card, I'm afraid Chris wants you out of our lives...for good.

-Anthropologie Card: This one has not gotten very much action during Lent (explanation here). It sits quietly and patiently until April 12th. Sigh.

-My boss's business card. All phone numbers printed conveniently so that when I am running late in the morning I can call to explain. 9 times out of 10, she is running later than I am. Perk of the job for sure.

-Blockbuster card. Who even goes to Blockbuster anymore? What the heck?

-Key card for weekend access to my work garage and building. Umm, work + weekends = no thanks.

-New insurance cards. Listed with a bunch of of terms, numbers and codes that look Greek to me. Note to self: Add 'look up insurance terms and policies' to tomorrow's to-do list.

-And lastly, a whopping 27 cents. There's not even a 'Cents' key on the computer...sad. I can't even purchase a Gumball because it's in penny, dime and nickle form. Ugh.

Note: This post was almost titled: "Financial Crisis....And I ain't talking about the economy." Appropriate too, don't you think?!

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Amanda said...

You are a hilarious writer... love it. I even read it aloud to Brian and he got a head shake and a chuckle out of it too.