For the record, I have them. And they don't make an appearance, get mentioned or are shown off enough.

You see, this blog started out with the intentions (all very good mind you) that this would be our blog . I couldn't wait to capture Chris and I's life as newlyweds, owning our first home, what an amazing husband Chris is, what an equally awesome wife I am, how cute our cat is, what I planned on making for dinner, you get the idea. It was really a way to keep family updated and taken from the original blogger in my life - Leigh!

But, 84 posts later, with subject lines ranging from 'Boy-isms' to 'I heart Ray LaMontagne', one can clearly see that this blog tends to be a little more, shall we say, one sided. Huh, I'm shocked.

And so, since I've posted about my weight and my teacup as of late, I thought it was only appropriate to throw in a post about my girlfriends because they deserve some face time. I have a bunch of them and they are all pretty much the most hilarious, talented, educated, diverse, beautiful and on most days, semi-innapropriate, girls that I know. Love them.

Perhaps I will try and round up some pictures of Chris's friends. He would probably appreciate a post entitled 'Boyfriends' for him and his buddies, don't you think?!

Until then I'll leave you with these ladies...

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The Blogivers said...

Glad you thought that post was amusing - and for the record, I decided to stick with my vanilla scented body wash, ha!