Easter Weekend Recap

Because all blog posts are better with pictures and because I am in a post-vacation, back at work and it's only Monday, I wish I was outside enjoying the weather, So. Much. To. Unpack., must clean the house, dreading my afternoon run and don't feel much like writing kind-of mood, I thought I would post a few of our weekend in Nashville. Although we missed our two other guys, Byron (in Hawaii) and Pat (in Afghanistan), we had a great time.

Chris and I at Cutter's soccer game

Michelle and I at soccer game

Car ride - The tanning bed, bleached blond look is just starting to settle after about a week (previous post). I dare you to ask me if I just got off of a cruise.

Love this picture of my mom and dad - cute, huh?

Enjoying the day at Knockem'Hill BBQ - yum!

Our golf outing

Uncle Chris (or as Cutter prefers, just "Uncle") and Cutter

My mom and I's first real golf outing. We spent the afternoon yelling, "We're Golfers!" anytime we made contact with the ball. Unnecessary and completely obnoxious to everyone around us? Probably. But, oh-so-fun? Most definitely.

Not only does my sister look like a pro golfer, she plays like one too. Typical. Good at just about everything.

Easter morning, opening Bachugans. Bachu-what's? I'm still not exactly sure, but I know they're popular amongst the 7-year-olds these days.

The Easter table. Notice the awesome, real, church pew here. My sister could, and should, for that matter have her house in a magazine. This is just ONE example of her awesomeness when it comes to decor.
Sweet, crazy, wild, Bode. Despite his 90 pounds of muscle, this dog still thinks he's a lap dog. Love him.
Dad and me. No, his glasses aren't Blue-Blockers, but very, very close. Oh Dad...sigh.

May I just use this picture to insert the total cheese-ballish, "He's going to make such a great Dad one day" comment?! But, really....He is.

I secretly wanted to steal my sister's Frye boots - if only I was an itty bitty size 6!

Hope you had a great Easter!


Brandee said...

LOVE the photos! You look great, and your sister's house is adorable.

Beth said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! And I agree, he is going to make a good dad someday. ;-)