Headed South...

To CaNcUn that is...Gah, so excited!

Chris and I are headed out this afternoon for my last minute "work" trip. I have to put work in quotes, because, work or not, I am still in for a mini vacation, chips and salsa, and a cold drink - all with my favorite person in the world.

While I am there, I will visit 8 properties, several local vendors and a destination management team with other planners from around the country. As for Chris, he just has to decide which book to read and what drink to order next - and he deserves it; he has been working up a storm lately. I'm a bit nervous to represent our company solo, but am looking forward to the learning experience.

Anyways, we are staying here for 4 days. I really can't believe it - we just may be a little too spoiled sometimes.

Ooh, and our camera battery arrived yesterday - so no phone pictures!

Until next week, Adios my Amigos.

ps - rain is in the forecast all weekend. What's with that?!

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