Today, I am having a day.

Today my hair is greasy and my skin is shiny (not glowing, just shiny). I have an incredibly huge, ahem, inflamation right smack in the middle of my cheek that makes me look all of 14 years old.

I did not get enough sleep last night which meant my morning routine got screwed up, which meant that I was running very late for my 8:30 meeting , which meant that I ran out the door wearing....

a dress that is just a tad too low for work-appropriate. This means I have been constantly readjusting the thing every two seconds all day long. And to make matters worse, I am certain that our CEO caught me in the re-adjusting, looking down with the "can you see down my dress" ponder, twisty, turn-y act as he walked around the corner this morning.

I went to the Futon store during lunch to find a new futon cover as ours has been through the ringer only to find that it has closed/gone out of business/was seized. I never knew how tough it would be to find a cover for one of these things.

I am several pounds heavier than I was yesterday - and I feel it. So what if I maybe had a hotdog, 2 beers, ice cream, and possibly some candy at the Rockie's game last night? We rode our bikes to and from...doesn't that count for anything? grr.

I can not, for the life of me, find our original "before" pictures of our basement on our computer. The ones from when we first moved in. And because I am that stubborn, I don't want to post any afters. Our carpet was installed Monday and looks lovely, but I just have to show you befores...and, yes, that is a whine.

I am on our company picnic's planning committee - which happens to be this Sunday. There are several things that bother me about this.

#1) Somehow I feel like my job has been defined as such. Tiffany, the company picnic planner. Doesn't have anything else she could/should/wants to be doing. We will ask her all things picnic related including what side dishes are still needed, can we bring our dog, is alcohol allowed at the park, what the weather is going to be like, what will we do if there is rain, how does the game badminton work, etc. etc. We will drop all supplies including plates, napkins, red and white table cloths, paper plates and loads of Country Time Lemonade off at her desk as if it were the picnic headquarters. She will arrive early to the picnic to see that the 2x5 monster grill arrives safely and she will stay late to see that everyone has thrown away their paper cup.

#2) The thing is on a weekend - in the middle of the day - all day. And while I do love my company, nothing really makes me want to spend a whole day with the receptionist/accountant/IT guy on my day off. I mean really.

#3) I will most likely be assigned all other random tasks from here on out. Think holiday parties, company get togethers, charity functions, etc. And not because I think I am doing a fabulous job or am tooting my own horn here. Rather because we lost most of these "catch all" people during layoffs and I can sense that they have been hunting for suitable replacement. Mind you, suitable just means not running the other way when asked to help.

With that, I'll continue with my real job equipped with my greasy hair, shiny skin, large zit, futon cover-less, picnic e-mail overload, heavy-feeling self for just a few more hours and wait for this day to pass. geesh.

PS - perhaps it is a problem that most of my posts have been catergorized rants and raves?! ;)

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melhuff said...

I hear ya. It's not fun to feel unappreciated and over-worked. Hang in there. Maybe some Starbucks could help you feel better?? That's an automatic mood booster for me! Sending good thoughts and hopes of a better day all the way from good ole' NC today :)