Photo Friday

First - A very big thank you for those who commented below. I truly enjoyed, appreciated (and needed) the words/encouragement/thoughts and am feeling much more content. It's exciting to see what our future holds.

Second - Iowa pictures. You probably forgot that I even went to Iowa, but for me, it's something that's been lingering on my internal 'to-do list' for too long now ;) I will finally be able to move on with my life, hehe.

Have a great weekend. For us, it will include getting our basement prepped for carpet installation on MONDAY!!, a friends going away party, a concert in Fort Collins and Jazz in the Park on Sunday.

On our way...

Chris's littlest (or not so little) brother and oldest sister.

Country Roads

At his mom's old farm plot - where they grew up.

My brother in law and newphew

my niece

Chris and his grandmaAnother family farm

2 seconds before the f-bomb...see previous posts for more details ;) Afterall it was a 12-gauge shotgun people.

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