Did you know that I love it?

Did you know that Chris loves it?

Did you know that it's something that brought us together in the beginning and, I know, will be a part of us in the end?

Music has stayed a constant comfort in our friendship, our relationship, our engagement and now our marriage.

"His" became mine, "mine" became his, and "ours" comes with every new day.

It has been the source of many romantic moments, has eased tension when we fight, has made us laugh and has made us cry and everything in between.

We have made new friends because of it, have traveled near and far to get it, and have looked at each other a time or two with an, "oops, what were we thinking?" due to it.

It's something that I will cherish for years to come when I think about "us".

I've traded (thank god) those few days of poppy-punk-wannabe threads during high school for my current outfit of trouser jeans, a pink ruffled t-shirt, and a pair of black heels with a flouncy flower adorning the corners (j-crew would be proud).

Chris, too, has shed his Chuck Taylors (scratch the previous All Star comment, oops), rolled up sleeves and slicked back hair for Seven Jeans, a Patagonia button up and flip flops.

Our musical taste has come a long way as well. We like just about everything (good that is) and depending on the day, you may find us melting away with Ray Lamontagne or running away with Mike Ness.

Last week we saw this guy belt it on stage:

Tonight, we are headed to this little festival for some Grateful Dead tributes:

And on Sunday, we will watch these guys take the stage:

Music...we love it and I know that we will always be listening.

Happy Friday!

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Beth said...

I'm jealous about your weekend! I LOVE music too. In fact, I sprawled out on the floor last night and just closed my eyes and listened to some of my favorite tunes. So rejuvenating. :) Have a blast!