During the next couple of weeks, we have a several family members in town. We are excited to spend some time with Leigh, Gabe, Mike and Byron in the upcoming days.

Glad you all are here!

PS: Chris and I saw The Inglorious Bastards last night. He loved it - obviously, he's a boy. I think that I am supposed to say that I hated it - obviously, I'm a girl. But, really, I kind of loved it too...shh. That Quentin Tarantino is a nut. And for one who has interest in very little movies, this one really held my attention quite well - I was impressed...even if my eyes were shut through more than half of it.


Amanda @ Bits and Pieces said...

When are you going to learn, Tiff... you just can't do Friday night movies! :)

Tiffany and Chris said...

haha, just reading this. No, eyes shut because of the bloodiness silly. didn't sleep this time :)