It's September!

This month we will...

- Watch as CU (hers) dominates CSU (his) - obviously

- Celebrate our 2nd Anniversary and dream up some awesome vacation in a far away land that we can't afford, but will vow to do some day

- Eat cupcakes whilst celebrating my 25th birthday (hooray!)

- Pretend to do something with our yard so the neighbors don't think we are planning to wait until Spring, when, in fact, we are waiting until Spring

-Take mi Madre, Padre y Hombre on their first backpacking trip in Aspen (nope, we are not sick of this place yet!)

- Find an appropriate, "aunt tiff and uncle chris rock and I can't wait to see them in October" 8-year-old birthday gift and send to my nephew. Ideas?

- Decide on curtains for our living room and dining room (a very generous birthday gift from my mom!)

- Make our first batch of Chris's Fall Chili and snuggle by our fake fireplace (gag, I know).

- And lastly, dream up ways to make these pretties mine:

So far I have come up with begging, stealing, cheating and working for a night at the joint across the street. Only kidding, but I do love them!

Happy September!

Enjoy Lisa Rupp's free September Calender Download to celebrate...

1 comment:

Amanda @ Bits and Pieces said...

Ooooh I DO love those boots! I'm trying to write off heels for the most part though, with my screwed up feet, so I'd love them in flat please!

And, I almost made Chris's chili the other day and decided it was just a bit too early still. I cannot wait until I deem it "appropriate" fall weather and thus the proper time to begin making chili!