Sunday Evening

Oh, how it manages to sneak up much too fast....

Chris and I had a great weekend (minus the visit to the vet on Friday confirming periodontal disease, and dental surgery, for our little mr.- ugh.) We went camping this weekend with our neighbors, Meghan and Mark, near Idaho Springs. It was a nice and mellow "car camping" trip with lots of food, laughter, wine, relaxation and amazing Fall leaves!

Unfortunately, to add to my post below, our camera is on its way out and I was unable to capture many pictures before the lens got stuck. I did manage to get this good one on our hike, however - we were lucky to enjoy the leave colors at their peak.

I am sitting here enjoying our last days of mindless tv, as I turned in our cable box on Friday. To our delight, Comcast has not physically shut it off and we are still have all of our channels. We are wondering how long our "free ride" is going to last and I think we have watched more tv today than any other day in the past, just because we know we are losing it, hah.

Cheers to a new week~


ComcastCares1 said...
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Mark said...

Did comcast really make a comment?

Tiffany and Chris said...

yes, what the heck?!