Apathy. Yuck. I think it's one of the worst emotions.

If you haven't already noticed, I have been in a blogging rut as of late. By the way, does anyone else find the phrase , 'as of late', awkward? I do. But i kind of like typing it regardless.

I have had a general lack of interest in writing about much these days it seems. I think I still love to write. And, goodness knows, I loooove to talk. In fact, I am usually quite happy doing both about the other one. But not lately (now "as of late" seems more appropriate, sigh).

I have not been entirely excited about any particular topic/project/story/argument/purchase/event to feel the desire to blog about it. Not sad, not happy, not much of anything, really.

And so, I just wanted to check in. To see if logging on and starting a post would spark something more.

....and.....yea, nope. Still here, still apathetic, and to reiterate, still yuck.

But, because the SNL skits with 'Debbie Downer' keep coming to mind, let me leave you with something a little less doom and gloom-ish like....Lisa Rupp's October Calendar download!

Free. Festive. Perfect Fall gift for a friend (in an 8 x 10 frame) perhaps?

I am off now to a meeting with our client for a potential incentive program for 2010 - wish us luck, we need this - and a happy hour with the Four Seasons after that; can't complain :)

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