Chili and Beer

This weekend we are hosting our "second annual" chili and beer party.

It was inspired by the annual 'Chili and Brew' fest held in Aspen each year. And while our house can't really compare to this scenery,

...we like to think it's a good time regardless!

Two great things about this shindig.

1) It's Chris's famous chili - this means that I stay out of the kitchen and let him work his magic. it's beautiful

2) We request everyone bring a 6-pack to share. And while in no way do I mean for it to become a "stock chris and tiffany's refrigerator" party, it is a brilliant idea when it comes to having a variety of beer to choose from and not having the pressure of picking them out. again, beautiful.

On Saturday, I will have it coming to me however, as we are going to a neighborhood dinner party - in which we are responsible for dessert. Argh - why does it always seem like a good idea to offer to make something but when it actually comes time to executing, panic ensues? If I had my choice, I would bring a gallon of cookie dough ice cream and call it good. Fall-ish Dessert ideas? hmm.

Still no word on my sister. Tomorrow is the 2-week mark since the bone marrow testing, so we shall see. Praying like crazy and hoping for positive results. More to come...


Amanda @ Bits and Pieces said...

I can already smell the chili... two more days I have to wait, wah!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, if I wasn't about 6 states away, I would totally crash! That sounds like so much fun! How can you go wrong with chilli and beer? Hope you guys have fun! :)

Us! said...

Still praying for your sister and also wishing we could come for some chili! Tell Chris to send me his recipe and I'll send him mine...