Good News, Bad News

Let's start with the Bad News (after all, Chris does tell me I tend to have a glass half empty mindset. And despite me trying to refute him again and again, it may be true. sometimes.)

I have decided to make our blog 'private'.

This is bad, becuase if you are like me, when you see a blog that you read (and by read, I obviously mean they have no clue you are reading, and therefore may be considered a blog stalker) go private, you get a tinge of anxiety. It feels like you are getting the boot. You suddenly feel like you've lost this friend out there in blogging world. A friend that you can relate to. A friend that, by the way, has no idea you exist. A friend that you get mad at for having to actually having to admit to them that you read, er stalk, their blog, but never comment. No? Just me? Okay fine.

But for those of you who are like me, I do hope that you continue to read and will send me your name and email so that I can add you!

And, the good news? Duh, I have decided to make our blog 'private'!

For you, this may not mean much. But for me, this means that while I can still blog about "safe for the whole world" topics such as shopping, and our weekend hike and the sale at Target, I will also have the freedom to blog about some of the things that I really want to blog about without having to filter. There are actually quite a few things I would rather be blogging about - shocking, I know. I will finally have the peace of mind knowing exactly who I am sharing personal information with. About me. About us. About our families.

In addition, I will get 1 gold star in "the good wife" column, as I will finally be granting my husband's wishes for our blog to go private. I think Chris has had a slight case of paranoia since the day we, rather I, launched 'La Buena Vida' into cyberspace. I have deleted many-a-entry for him.

And laslty, Comcast Customer Care will no longer be able to find my blog and leave a comment inquiring about why we are dropping service with them. true story. truly creepy.

And so, with that, I hope that you will continue to visit our blog

If you read, if you've ever read, or if you think you would like to start to read about tiff and chris (and all things random), consider this your private invitation. We would be honored to have you!

Please either leave me a comment or send me an email with your name and email address and I will gladly add you to our list (sorry, no comcast people allowed).



Beth said...

Me, please! creativebeth@gmail.com

Kate said...

Me! elephant.in.red.shoes@gmail.com

Ryan, Ashley & Avery said...

Add me please!! I love reading your blog! ashleycamp@gmail.com

Stacey Sargent said...

add me add me;

candacezane said...

please add me, I love reading your blog...your so creative

The Smaellies said...

I want in! AJSmaellie@gmail.com

Leighdleblog said...

RSVPing to you private party...

Mark said...

Don't forget me.

Tiffany and Chris said...

Thanks everyone! I will gladly add you all to the "list". Now I just need a new entry :)

Baby Sabot said...

Can I join? :-) alexsabot@gmail.com