Let's Recap...

I would give the Brussle Sprouts an 8 out of 10. (-1) for adding more cranberries then the recipe called for (shame on me). I figured that if some cranberries were great, then more would be most excellent - wrong. And (-1) for partially making them at my house and finishing them at another. I think this dish tastes best if you can prepare and serve in one fell swoop.

Babies make holidays more fun. Something about holding a snuggler for a couple of hours is really refreshing.

And...Wine makes cooking more fun! Every recipe with more than 5 ingredients should also call for 1 bottle of wine, duh.

Note: Consuming some sort of alcohol (think thanksgiving dinner, football games, nuggets game, sunday night unwind) for the past four days makes you gain weight.

Detoxing sounds like a good, make that necessary, idea after said activities above and 4 days of eating. heavily.

Black Friday is a little much for me - Although I took home 3 shirts for $2.97 a piece, I also have a pair of pants that were purchased on an "ahh it'sblackfridayandthesepantsdon't reallyfitbutareREALLYcheap!" moment of weakness that now need returning. Add up the lost hours of sleep, the patience of standing in lines, and the gas spent having to go back - not sure those shirts were worth it.

All in all we had an excellent weekend full of family, friends, good food and a little r&r. Hope your turkey fest was just as pleasant!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had such a great Thanksgiving! Your brussel sprouts sound AMAZING. I am deffintley trying that recipe!

Mark said...

Who knew brussel sprouts could be so tasty!