I'm on an adrenaline high from work. I am running around (actually not so much running as sitting, typing, printing, re-printing, stuffing packets, re-stuffing packets, answering phone calls asking my co-workers a million and one questions, and clearly, blogging all about it) before my first full service incentive program! I am headed to Cabo San Lucas on Friday morning to execute and manage a 4 day incentive trip for 80 attendees.

Part of me wants to throw up because I am super duper nervous for unexpected events, such as a hurricane that overtakes our hotel, or that Mr. and Mrs. Jones will end up in Mexican jail for public drunkenness or that Suzy Q will start hurling on our dinner cruise on the VIP's lap...yes, I have had some sort of nightmare about a combination of the above...

But most of me is just ready to get this show on the road. It's kind of like a wedding. Without the gorg. party dress, of course, and change the color combination to an obtrusive bright orange and black rather than a lovely champagne and chocolate brown duo, and the fact that I am promising to make my client happy for 4 days rather than my husband for a lifetime, and I am almost certain that no one will be fussing over my hair and makeup and asking if I want a latte (man, your wedding day is awesome)...but whatever, you get the idea. The planning, the organizing, the details, the stress, the excitement - all very similar.

I have yet to pack, cook any sort of anything for my "single father" husband while I am away, and still have a birthday celebration to attend this evening, but other than that I feel well prepared and on my way!

More 'Live From Cabo' in the next several days... Adios Amigos

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Brandee said...

....your job does NOT suck. It's like the job a girl dreams about in middle school only better and not involving Jonathan Taylor Thomas. "I'm going to plan parties and trips on the beach!" You are one smart, talented lady.